Lawrence North Men's Volleyball Club was founded in 2008 by Coach Kwin Raymer. Coach Raymer led the program to several state tournament appearances (2008, 2009, 2010) and a State Runners-Up title in 2010, before handing things off to Coach Matt Gold. Coach Gold pushed the team to continue its success in the state tournament through 2014. After their seventh season, Coach Abby Baker took over the program and led the group through some rebuilding years.

In early 2016, Coach Kristen Jenkins was contacted by the IBVCA to take over the Lawrence North program. In recent years, it had seen a sharp decline in interest, and the 2016 season began with a scramble to even form a team. Thanks to a group of 9 senior buddies, LNMVBC continued through the year - as rough of a year as it was.

The 2017 season began much the same way, with no interested players for the first open gyms and call-out meetings. After some aggressive recruiting across the school, Coach Jenkins was able to bring together 11 athletes and start the new season on the right foot. While not amazing, 2017 was a step in the direction that the program needed.

Over the last year, Lawrence North Men's Volleyball has had a dramatic shift for the program. The first returning players in 3 years, the first junior varsity roster in 4 years, and even an opportunity to host a day of tournament competition. 

We're feeling #thereturn.

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